My Specialties Include:

Asian Cultural Issues

As an Asian woman who has straddled two cultures for many years, I have a deep understanding of the struggles Asian women and men face in relationships, family life, and workplace.  I also know that our unique cultural history and cultural norms can present so many obstacles to healing emotional injuries and finding emotional health.  My unique background allows me to work successfully with Asian clients who are feeling lonely and isolated, anxious and guilty, inadequate, overwhelmed, conflicted, or depressed.

Cross Cultural Relationship

Because of my unique background as an Asian American, I have developed a sensitivity to issues that arise from cross cultural relationships.  I am able to successfully help my clients navigate the cultural differences in their relationships before they become problems in their life.  I have helped couples articulate the subtle cultural differences in order to facilitate communication in intimate relationships. 

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

 Everyone experiences ups and downs in life.  Some people are better equipped than others to deal with difficulties in life.  I have found that the ability to develop insight helps my clients understand themselves better and hence make appropriate choices that affect their life positively. 

Women Issues

I have worked closely with women who are struggling with issues related to their different stages of life, ranging from young women leaving home for the first time, to starting their own family, to launching their children.  Each stage of life comes with its unique challenges and opportunities, and when guided properly, can be very rewarding.      

Relationship Crisis

Many clients come to me because of a relational crisis that involves spouse, significant others, family members, in-laws, colleagues, etc.  Whether the crisis is due to a break up, infidelity, finance, unemployment, loss, or other difficult situation, having a safe place to explore their feelings can be very therapeutic.  Often times, it is precisely the crisis that brings forth opportunities and new possibilities for change.  

Teenage Issues

It is a scientific fact that the portion of the brain that makes decisions is not fully developed in teenagers.  My stance with working with teenagers is to help them develop an adult voice in their mind that will guide them through their decision making process, without being their parent.  I believe that is far better than teenagers relying on their peers to help them make important decisions.